The History of Blendtec – Will it Blend?

Advertisers often use forms of viral marketing, such as using buzzwords or other catchphrases, to increase brand awareness. Americans have been subject to almost too many to list over the past couple of decades. See how many of these you recognize: paradigm shift, bandwidth, offline, brick-and-mortar, and Y2K. If you’re already familiar with Blendtec, then you’re no stranger to the phrase, “Will it blend?

The History of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Keeping Track Of Your Health

The electronic medical record (EMR) is the concept of computerized medical records such as prescriptions, diagnosis and recommendations, referrals and patient health information stored in digitized format.  This concept has been around since the early days of computers in the nineteen sixties.  The EMR is an important concept in the medical care industry, but one that has been difficult to implement until recent years.

The History of Multi-Clad Cookware – A Modern Convenience

Efficient and modern cookware, especially the high tech, multi-clad versions, has become so ubiquitous, that it’s difficult to imagine what life would have been like without it. Very few people think of something like frying an egg to be a chore, but for much of human history it would have been an effort requiring consummate delicacy and skill.

The History of Sewing Machines – A Modern Transition

The history of sewing is the history of civilization: needles made of bone have been found in the remains of many ancient campsites. This basic technology was essential for survival, and, for thousands of years, the only improvement was the composition of the needle, from bone to metal. Since sewing by hand was the only way to produce clothing, the amount of clothes that could be produced was limited and each piece was costly. For most of human history, multiple suits of clothing were a luxury only kings could enjoy.

The History of Espresso – A Tale of Modern Italy

Although they’ve both gained international popularity and have been adapted to each culture in which they’ve landed, most people are much more likely to associate pizza with Italy and espresso with places like Seattle, Washington or other coffee drinking hubs. Espresso, however, is perhaps more truly Italian than pizza.

The History of the Electric Outlet and Extension Cord – A Snapshot in the past

When we think about electricity today and all of the surrounding technologies, uses, and every day household appliances that are associated with it, one of the first things we think of is the electric power outlet and the electric power extension cord. These two inventions are essential to most people’s understanding of electricity. It is through the electric power outlet and extension cord that we interact with electricity. It is what we use to plug in our computers, kitchen appliances, power tools, entertainment systems, and now even our electric cars.

The History of Dewalt – Great Tools Made By a Great Company

Over the past several decades, Dewalt has become synonymous with quality woodworking tools made at reasonable prices.   Their company is known around the world as the “go to guy” for everyone from professional carpenters and craftsmen to weekend Do-It-Yourselfers.  For instance, the Dewalt Table Saw 745 is a real boon to anyone renovating a house.  However, it also works well for those wanting to add fancy trim to a craft’s project.

The History of Ellipticals – A Smooth Transition in Exercise Technology

As people today become more and more health and fitness conscious, the fitness equipment industry must keep pace in designing better and better machines. And done that they have. But do you know where this technology came from? How did somebody come up with these ideas? Well, first, they had to start with a goal.

The History of Athletic Shoes – A Sneak Peek

Athletic shoes are widely used by a number of people. Runners who take up the sport as career are the first, high end users, and then followed by adventure seekers, exercise enthusiasts and joggers. Athletic shoes have been catering to the needs of a number of people. However, it has taken a number of stages and phases before they could be developed into the shoes they are today.

The History of Dental Implants – The Past, Present & Future of Dental Implants

It is interesting to trace the history of dental implant technology from the past to the present and consider its development in the future. Dental implant technology has a very long history – archaeologists confirm that early Egyptian history dental implants made of ivory, copper, shell and various types of animal bone were inserted in the jaws of mummies as far back as 4000 years ago. The earliest recorded use of dental implants in living humans is also credited to the ancient Mayans who used a form of implant more than 1300 years ago.

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