The History of Search Personalization – Searching in the Google Era

Description:The search engine has evolved into one of the most commonly used, guarded and complex algorithms. Alta Vista, Yahoo, Google and even Conduit are all part of the search engine evolvement. This article traces the development of search engines and speculates on future searching trends.

The History of Electronic Board Games – Taking Games To a New Level

The microprocessor invented in the 1970s brought countless changes in almost all possible industries. This amazing invention was even included in the humblest game board under the form of Texas Instruments TMS1000, which appeared in 1975. Since then, toy companies have done their best to find the perfect electronically assisted board game. However, it wasn’t until the late ‘80s that video games started to provide a unique experience, completely different from physical reality. Let us dive into the alluring past of some of the world’s oldest board games. 

The History of Masquerade Masks – A Grand Tradition

Masquerade means hiding your appearance and identity, making it mysterious and more attractive with the help of a beautiful mask and a veil. Masquerade masks have been fabulous party elements from the 12th century era. They were used during the Venetian carnivals to conceal guests’ appearance and hide their persona.  

The History of Chiropractic Care – Over 4,000 Years of Pain Relief

People have been performing chiropractic care since as early as 2700 BC in China when the people of the region were working long days developing at the back-aching process to make silk fabrics. Ancient Greeks in 1500 BC also used the medical technique, most likely to relieve men and women responsible for the labor involved to create wonders like Knossos, the largest, most elaborate palace of its time. Ancient texts from those times detail the practice of manipulating the spine and adjusting the lower extremities in an attempt to ease pain.

The History of Antique Sterling Silver – The Pride of Colonial Silversmiths

Sterling silver is an alloy made of silver in proportion of 92.5% the remaining 7.5% are other metals, mainly copper. Also, sterling silver has a millesimal refinement of 925. In proportion of 99.9% sterling silver becomes too smooth to create functional pieces; hence, cooper or various other substances are added to make it stronger, and at the same time, preserve its fineness and beauty.

The History of Arcade Games – The Start of American Gaming

Valued for their innovation when they were first introduced and loved today for their novelty and nostalgia, arcade games are a significant contribution to the history of American gaming. Although we’ve all played them as kids, and still might even enjoy them from time to time as adults in present times, we might not fully realize the cultural impact that these machines have had on our lives and the gaming industry today.

The History of Downloadable Games – From Play Line to Satellaview

Downloadable games and content have come a long way over the years. This is not a recent technology, although it has dramatically changed over the years. Gamers in this generation have it a lot better than gamers did back in the day. Before you could download games straight to your Vita, Wii, or PS3 there were other forms of downloadable games. The downloadable games of today are nothing like the games of the past.

The History of Outdoor Fireplaces – Importance of Fire in Human Life

Fire has been one of the major, most remarkable and breakthrough discoveries made by early human beings. The ability to control and use the fire, which is one of the most powerful natural forces, has brought about significant developments and progress in the history of mankind. It was during the Early Stone Age man invented fire or more precisely, invented how to generate and control fire. Fire has been useful in many ways even to the early man; it helped him stay warm, cook food, offered protection from animals, and served as a source of light.

The History of Video Game Violence – And the Legacy of Death Race

There has always been a huge debate about the violence that appears in video games. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Death Race, and one of the many war games have been debated as increasing the violent tendency in individuals. Some scientists have stated that violent games should be banned for increasing aggressors, while other scientists claim that the games are actually a way for people to expel any violent tendencies.

The History of Early Online Games – The Early 50's To Present Day

Online gaming has become a huge market. There are games to fit almost any type of personality. Some are free and are great for quick spurts of fun while others are a little more costly but can provide hours of entertainment. Handheld devices and Social Networking has given a huge boost to online gaming. It seems like now you cannot even sign online without receiving a request to join a friend in an online game. Online gaming has not always been that way. There were times when it was rather difficult and quite expensive to participate in the online gaming community.

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